Fearless 2014

Regretful this morning that I wasn’t able to capture any New Year thing. Nagkulong lang ako at nagsara ng bintana buong new year’s eve sa takot na maputukan at matamaan ng ligaw na bala. Haha. Morbid. No. KJ.

Yet I’m happy to inscribe at my planner what I am praying my 2014 would be and would have.

Reminded also myself to:

be more gentle.
be more kind.
be more loving.
be more patient.

We labeled 2013 as a beautiful year yet God made it beyond beautiful that I lost count of the wonderful things that happened.

Although this year I am being anxious of thinking that I’m not getting any younger anymore and many dreams and frustrations are still on my list unchecked, I am declaring and claiming a FEARLESS 2014 in Jesus’ name!


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