2nd Annual Conference of IT and CS Students of the Philippines

Last Nov 28, 2010, the whole class attended the 2nd Annual Conference of Information Technology and ComSci Students of the Philippines at AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, QC. Speakers are from Microsoft Philippines, Yahoo! Philippines’ Country Editor, Level Up! Brand Manager, Animation Director Cutting Edge Production and Mr. Joey De Venecia III.

I want to be a part of their company. Frustrations!!! Kahit sa Microsoft Philippines lang, pwede na din sa Yahoo! Philippines! Hahah =D

Photos courtesy of Dyey’s digicam.

Windows Azure Discussed by Microsoft Philippines representative
Microsoft Philippines Representative
Microsoft Philippines' Academic Programs Specialist

One of the programs of Microsoft is the Imagine Cup – an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide. I just learned that their last year’s winner who took home 25 Thousand US Dollar was from the Philippines and they were students of St. Benilde!  You can check it here. Indeed, Pinoys are really world-class 🙂

Mr. Jeff Manalo – Level Up! Brand Manager

Power Nap! 

Power Nap =DPower Nap – JhezThe Hosts – Bernadette Reyes & IForgotHisName 😀
Imba Animator!

All went well. I thank God for the privilege to attend that conference. As stated on my fb status after going home:

“andami kong gustong mangyari after the convention. it inspired me to dream big and to be dedicated on what have been started. it may be hard, but with God, nothing is impossible [Mark 10:27] and that I can do all things through Him who gives me strength [Phil 4:13].”


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