I’m Possible

I am blessed to be invited by my co-kkb/church-mate/friend teacher Tina on their Zambales camp last Friday, Nov 5.




I really love going to places and was so much favored pa with P150 payment lang makakapunta na ko ng Zambales kaya I grabbed the opportunity agad. Tina and I had a very nice sharing during our trip. Idagdag pa ang magagandang tanawin papuntang Zambales tulad ng bundok Sierra Madre.



Impossible is Nothing


It was a Teachers and Parents camp and they are allowed to bring at least 2 church leaders. But we are shocked when we arrived at the campsite, napakadaming nagpunta and majority were not what we have expected. It was a great opportunity to share the greatest gift from God, Jesus. A good chance to share Salvation. Sana. As our hearts were breaking and our eyes were literally crying, we are interceding for the said event and praying for God to move for those souls habang ang intermission number ay tulad ng ‘magic’, background music as ‘My Sharona’, ‘Angelina’ and ‘sweet child of mine’. Programs happened as what we were not expected.

Tina and I felt the same feeling: we have no regrets on coming for we have seen the real picture of this world. To become responsible of the Great Commission. We shared the same feeling of being grateful that we are in a church where Jesus is Lord.

Although we are disappointed upon leaving the place, in my heart arises a desire that seems so impossible for me. I wanted to share and speak the goodness of the Lord and His greatest love for giving His only Son, Jesus, to those in need souls. My mind is shouting the impossibility of that desire but my Lord is speaking to my heart that for Him nothing is impossible.


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” – Mark 10:27


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