It Doesn’t Matter If I Clean the Bones

Last Saturday, I went to cemetery where my father buried to clean his tomb. And when I saw his tomb it was so yuck! Messy! They (I do not know who they are) put a lot of garbage on the side of the tomb. I am not talking about 5 – 10 pieces of plastic here, I am talking about huge garbage as if it was a small dump site. Can you now imagine it? Not only that, the garbage was wet cause by flood. Double yuck!

What I hate was I had to clean that tomb or else we will endure the smell of the garbage on November 1. I will be punished by my mother if I won’t obey her.

So at that day I became a janitor or garbage collector for the sake of November 1. I could not be mad because I was afraid my father would speak to me (joke!).

At last I finished the job! It was very clean compare before I cleaned it. I regret I had no camera to show you “before and after”. Anyways, you can visit my father’s tomb if you want. I am inviting you, you are very welcome!

However, I came to a deep thinking, was it does matter to my father who is already dead? Will his heart be touched for what I did? Or the best question is will he be saved by my works or by my prayers (if he is not saved)?

Perhaps he would be saved if my father is in “purgatory” right now. But the truth is there’s no such thing as “purgatory”! Not even a single word “purgatory” has mentioned in the Bible.

Here’s the dare, I will clean the tomb of your love ones, whoever she/he is, for lifetime if you can find the word “purgatory” in the Bible. But I warn you, Bible says do not add or take a word away in it or else curse will be upon you (Revelation 22:18-19).

God said on Hebrew 9:27:

“Just a man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”

-Hebrew 9:27

Scripture means no way you can able to save dead man. No, not even your prayers! Even you cry out to the LORD. Let himself be saved while he still alive through the sufferings of Jesus Christ!

And do you think my father still concern on the things I’ve done on his tomb? No! He is not concern at all! Why? Because if his soul will be in hell, he will just condemn me for not sharing Jesus Christ to him. And if his soul will be in Heaven, then he will be satisfied because he will be with the LORD and there’s no such things can be more than that – to be with the LORD. Therefore it doesn’t matter neither I clean the tomb nor I clean the bones!

God’s message is let us begin to pray for our love ones while there are still alive. Let‘s share the gospel to them now. Don’t even think to wait for them to die before saying a prayer to them. We can’t show love to dead person because it was too late. Let’s show love to those who are still alive. And to show love is to tell about the LORD Jesus Christ.

I cleaned my father’s tomb not for him to give him delight but it is a Filipino tradition, culture. And above all, it is a gathering of relatives which an opportunity to share the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

May the LORD be glorified!


A reblog from one of my favorite ‘writers’ in town and a friend Ryan Perez


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